Pricing Policy:

We follow a precise and lucid pricing scheme, for the services we offer. It is recommended to review all the details of the pricing of any specific service you are getting from Amaze Internet Services Pvt Ltd

You need to ensure that all your ambiguities and confusions about prices, terms & conditions, are clear before making any contract with Amaze Internet Services Pvt Ltd. In case, there is any confusion or ambiguity, we are always available for answering your questions.

After the contract is made, the payment for the services needs to be paid in advance. All the terms & conditions will be discussed prior to making any contract. And if you need to add any additional services, the pricing model for that service will be changed.

All the relevant details about the pricing of our services are discussed with the client, there aren’t any hidden costs – allowing the client to make an informed decision.

Refund Policy:

The team at Amaze Internet Services Pvt Ltd strive hard to meet your expected standards, nevertheless, if you aren’t satisfied with the provided services, we will try to accommodate you by offering better services and experience.

We are always open to any sort of criticism of the services, and seek pleasure in the customer satisfaction by offering up-to-the expectation services.

However, Amaze Internet Services Pvt Ltd does not offer refunds for already provided services. Our services are customized to the client’s need, with the relevant tools & technology usage – hence it isn’t feasible to the refund on services that are already provided.

In the case of the initial phase of any contract, when there isn’t a lot of work and time is spent on your project, you can claim a refund within the first week. We will accommodate your request, by refunding the amount other than the deducted charges. The deducted charges may also include, the expenditure of third parties, involved in the process. Also in a case, if any application or service has already been purchased for your contract, the charges will be deducted from your refunded amount.

In a case of any confusion or ambiguity regarding Refund Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Last Updated: 31-12-2020