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Welcome to CraftsmyIndia. We’re top Indian handicrafts wholesalers, retailers and traders functioning throughout the globe. We come with a broad selection of highly amazing handicrafts in India produced by a highly skilled and skilled team of artisans. Our highly skilled craftsmen are proficient in crafting pieces utilizing several materials including ceramic, iron, brass, wood, mosaic, and other special materials. Our handicrafts are loved and admired around the world in every location because of their finishing and beauty. Our collection of handicrafts in India helps improve the beauty of your living or working area, availing a conventional look to the aforementioned. It’s our effort to provide you with an undeniably unique choice of classic art and craft translated into a range of attractive modern goods while ensuring a fair price for each and every artisan whose creations are featured on this portal. In India, craftmanship comes naturally to hundreds of thousands of its unlettered individuals who weave myths, legends, and simple daily experiences into various forms of creativity that can change shape form daily,

Yet maintain their consistency for centuries to enhance their lifestyles. The background of India’s crafts is really a story of mankind’s engagement with Nature. Creative hands turn rock into items of holiness, minerals into lamps to worship them, plants into woven textures to wear and waste materials into exquisite objects of normal utility. To honor Nature would be to honor its creator and to mold items by hand is a style of worship. CraftsmyIndia is, therefore, the greatest conservationist who craves to live in harmony along with his environment. CraftsmyIndia.com was born from a fervent desire amongst its creators to make a bigger canvas than that which is today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity. We hope to have the ability to raise the dignity of this Indian artisan within our own little way. This portal has been conceived with the only purpose of incorporating Indian art and craft in its unique and contemporary form, bringing it closer to people throughout the world.

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