Interlinking: That’s how you get Google to love your website

February 21, 2020
February 21, 2020 mayank khare

Interlinking: That’s how you get Google to love your website

Have you ever heard of a business that doesn’t have a website? It’s like the company doesn’t exist, right? 


Well, it’s true! Most people (like us) head straight to a website or social media accounts to learn more about a business or a brand. What would be worse for anyone, in this case, is having a poorly designed and performing website.


Suppose your website is your family and every other webpage on it, is an individual family member. How will you keep them connected to make the family strong? Hopefully, your answer will include something related to developing strong relationships in the family. Right! 


For a website, it would be referred to as ‘Interlinking’


Great content and attractive inbound links are significant elements of an SEO strategy. Part of this strategy includes internal linking and learning how other web pages of your website can contribute value to your new page.


However, the right way to increase the love potential of your business site is to design and optimise it in a way that you, as a customer, may want it. For a customer to love your website, it must be designed very well, must be clear with its messaging, should be easy to navigate, and filled with some engaging CTAs.


Experts say that love is nothing but a chemical imbalance in the brain. And we can say the same for marketing. It leverages all the possible tricks in the book of human psychology to ultimately get visitors to buy a service or product.



  • Maintaining an Interactive UI/UX


Your website must become the ‘love at first site’ for any visitor.


When someone visits your website for the first time, it’s the moment where the real magic happens. And only a great design has the power to achieve it. You must ensure your website is dressed to impress. 


We are not asking you to become a hipster, but you must show your customers that you’re competent enough to keep up with all the modern web design trends.


Try to remain true to your personal style and brand idea. 


Note: More than 76% of people rate the credibility of a business based on their website design. 



  • Post Valuable Content 


Is there anything better than speaking to your customers or clients in their language? 


Conduct extensive research on how and what your target audience speaks and writes; you can check their social media accounts, the daily press in your targeted area, or even get a sneaky look at your competitors’ websites. 


It’s essential to keep the communication and messaging on your website ‘clear and concise’. Make sure your website embraces the right messaging to deliver the best possible brand positioning. 


Renovating your website in a CMS can be a great move. It will also empower your marketing line-up. 



  • Making it Responsive


Making sure your site dazzles every device it’s been accessed on is crucial.


Frankly, it isn’t very pleasant to experience a website taking too long to load. Your audience will not tolerate it, nor will you. Therefore, it’s quite essential to come up with responsive website design, that’s suitable for both mobile and desktop. As per a Business Insiders report, more than 21% of searches carried on Google are done on a mobile device.


Clearly, your website’s accessibility across various devices matters a great deal.


Such user experiences are capable of making or breaking a business, and if you don’t want to lose out your share, make sure you promise your audience a responsive and optimised website this year.


Your website is the heart of your business. It pumps all the necessary details and information strategically to your visitors. It presents your prospects with everything they need to not only fall in love with your website but also with your brand and its products/services. 


To deliver the best possible result, you must ensure to interlink your website and connect all the relevant webpages with others. 


So, what are you waiting for! Interlink the webpages on your website to make it more robust and lovable.


Fall in love with your website first and let others fall for it later. 


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