How SEO and Content Marketing Combination Works

December 24, 2020
December 24, 2020 mayank khare

How SEO and Content Marketing Combination Works

Having a solid online presence is a prerequisite for success in a competitive business environment these days, a website needs the deployment of effective SEO techniques to be easily accessible to web users and poetical customers. However, that is not enough to entice the target buyers. The business will also need the aid of content marketing. A web site needs deployment of both these services, and they complement each other.

The basics of SEO and content marketing

In a nutshell, SEO denotes the technical procedures through which website traffic surges upwards, and site visibility gets a boost. Content marketing refers to using relevant and updated content on a website to eventually enhance visitor conversion and sales. The digital marketing entities use both these services in sync to achieve the desired results. If SEO is the body, content marketing is like the soul. One without the other remains incomplete! 

SEO tactics that matter

SEO is an ever-evolving set of methodologies used for enhancing site visibility and search engine ranking. To ensure SEO strategies work well and bring expected results, the digital marketing agencies adhere to some vital parameters and guidelines. These are:

  • It is important to stay updated with Google’s best practices. The SEO experts that adhere to Google’s recommended SEO practices get the best results. Deviating from Google guidelines for SEO can invite penalty and site ranking may go downwards.
  • It is also important to do keyword research with due diligence. The tools like Google Keyword Planner come in handy in this regard, and there are other similar tools. That way, you get to know the relevance of the chosen keywords. 
  • The digital marketing agencies offering SEO services also consider factors like the niche of the Client Company, competitor site SEO tactics, and related aspects when developing an SEO strategy.

Content Marketing tactics that work

In the realm of SEO, content marketing is not limited to static text content. The basic concept of content marketing is following the customer’s buying journey pattern and producing content accordingly. This content will motivate the site visitors to buy products or services. The fact is content creation is meant more for the target customers than the search engine bots. The created content has a target audience, and it inspires them to take action- leading to purchase.

While the importance of using proper keyword is there, content marketing puts more focus on mapping content to fit the purchase cycle of the customers. It offers the potential customers relevant information at each stage to proceed to an outcome. 

The stages are:

  1. Awareness– The customers become aware of your brand’s products and services.
  2. Consideration– Next, the customer thinks of making a purchase at the site.
  3. Conversion– The potential customer gets enough information, and that persuades him to buy.
  4. Loyalty– At this stage, the customer makes repeat purchases at the site.
  5. Advocacy- When the customer is really happy with the products, he/she does indirect advertising.

So, how SEO and content marketing sync?

SEO and content marketing are two co-dependent services, and the digital marketing entities utilize the combination to their advantage. 

You may use various SEO tactics to make the website accessible to the target viewers. This serves the purpose of getting closer to potential customers. The sites get a higher ranking, making them easy to reach for the target buyers. It is quite technical in nature and involves various practices. 

In content marketing, the focus is on generating relevant and updated content targeting niche buyers for fulfilling their needs in the buying journey. It enlightens the customers about the brand and its products and inspires them to make the buying decision. 

So, are they separate or inherently linked?

Apparently, it looks like SEO is just about using apt keywords in a strategic manner to enhance site ranking. However, you also need to think about where you can use these keywords! It is in site content that the keywords are used. The content is full of useful, fresh information containing carefully chosen optimized keywords. Without apt and optimized content, deployment of link building, a key part of any SEO campaign, will not be possible. So, in finer analysis content marketing and SEO are intrinsically linked, and they are meant to be used in sync.

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