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Common UI Design Pitfalls and How to Evade Them

People use the web and online services for various needs, including entertainment, utility payment, buying foods, accessing financial services, education, and so on. While the content of a website and app is what actually matters, the importance of UI design also plays a key role. The instances of web users overlooking content-rich, functional websites owing to poor UI design are numerous. The same thing is applicable to apps. For general web users, the first impression matters a lot. So, it is important to ensure the UI of your site is effective and user friendly. You need to know the common UI design errors and evade them at any cost.

Top UI design mistakes that you must avoid

Listed here are a few UI design errors that can repel your target visitors instantly and make them flock to other sites. 

  • Lack of consistency in UI elements-

    The elements used in your app and site UI should look consistent. Using too many styles in the UI make them users baffled. A consistent-looking design is likely to win the trust of first-time visitors. Consistency should be there in aspects like UI colors, button shapes, and sizes, text font style, links, etc. Lack of consistency in site/app UI affects the credibility of the company/entity adversely.

  • Choosing colors inappropriate for a business niche

    – When designing the UI for a brand/entity, color selection is crucial. If you do not think of the niche of the company or the type of customers it caters to, you may end up picking a color that does not gel well with its image. For example, it does not make sense to use vibrant and bright hues like purple, orange, or tomato red on the website of an entity offering healthcare services. The same colors go well for sites catering to working women and students. 

  • Using too many effects in the UI

    – The site UI should not look too cluttered. This happens when you use a lot of effects on the UI elements. For example, there is no point in using both 3D emboss effect on the buttons on the page along with drop shadow or inside glow. Using any one of these would suffice in most instances. Try not to use black as the drop shadow color always. 

  • Lack of color contrast-

    This is a reason many UI designs fail to take off. Based on on-site or app type, you can choose a background color or image. However, ensure that color contrasts with secondary color as well as the content text. Lack of contrasting colors adds to visual clutter, and it also reduces the legibility of the text. It may make many of the first time site visitors flocking to other sites.

  • Lack of white space

    – No matter what type of a site you plan to design, lack of empty or white space can be detrimental to its success. It is wrong to assume that you have to load every part of the UI with some visual element or other! Without an adequate amount of blank space in UI, the clutter grows. Too many visual elements in the UI make it hard for the viewers to focus on any element, as it is. 

  • Lack of text hierarchy

    – Ultimately, the viewers in your site will access the text content. However, to make the UI striking and appealing, the text hierarchy needs to be proper. The font, size, style of the text used as header, subtitle, and main content should be different. Proper spacing should be there between different blocks of text as well for enhancing legibility. 

  • Icons

    – small but important- In UI design, you can’t overlook elements that seem apparently trivial. This is applicable for the icons. Some designers tend to overlook icons and think how they use icons will not matter to the end-users. This is a mistake you have to evade as randomly picking and using icons affects UI aesthetics. It is necessary to maintain consistency while picking the icons. Ensure all the icons picked by you are either filed or outlined. It is prudent to use SVG or vector graphics for icons. 

  • Overusing dynamic elements

    – You need to use both static and interactive or dynamic elements in UI design. However, using too many interactive elements is not desirable. It makes the users distracted. So, it would be a good idea to evade using animations and effects in abundance in the UI. Doing so can also prolong page load time, and that can make the end users irate. You may also keep an option for disabling the animations on the site to suit the user’s needs. 

  • Poor touch targets in the UI

    – Think of the people who would be accessing the site using mobile devices. The smartphones and tablets used for web access come in varying resolutions and screen sizes, as it is. The links and buttons in the UI should be easy to reach and use. If the buttons and links are positioned too close, selecting the required one can be tedious for users, especially those using devices with a smaller screen. Besides, people who use these devices will have different sized fingers. So, ensure there is adequate space between the buttons, both horizontally and vertically.

  • Using poor quality images

    – The images used in the UI are important. Whether you use an image as a page background or use it as a collage, the quality is important. Using low resolution, pixelated images is something you should never do. Using images irrelevant to the company niche or services is also not advisable. The same is applicable to images with watermarks and blurry finish. Using crisp HD quality images is a must for the success of the UI.

Summing it up

The target for UI designers is coming up with an interface that looks consistent and is user friendly. The UI must inspire confidence in the viewers, and it should not look confusing. A balance must be there between the usage of text and other elements. Overusing any element in UI is something they have to evade. The importance of color contrast and spacing is there too. 

Web Design for Healthcare Entities: A Comprehensive Guide

Like many other entities, healthcare service providers need to have an online presence. Nearly every hospital and diagnostic center have a website and app these days. However, developing websites for healthcare entities like clinics or hospitals is not exactly a cakewalk. It is not only about providing certain types of services, but these entities have to deal with people coping with a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. People access the Healthcare websites for myriads of needs, including seeking clinical information, booking appointments, getting documents for an insurance claim filing, and so on. In short, designing websites for healthcare entities can be quite challenging.

The best ways to develop websites for healthcare service providers

Listed here are some aspects that need special attention for developing websites for healthcare entities:

  • Soothing colors and clean layout

    – If you check out websites of the top hospitals and specialty clinics, you will find one common design element. These websites do not have bright or fluorescent colored visuals and backdrops. Most healthcare entity sites have muted, pastel shades for background like light blue, green, and white. This is certainly not without reason. People seek hospitalization or clinical services when they are physically ill or mentally disturbed. Using bright, vibrant colors in these websites will enhance their level of agitation. Soothing, pastel shades in the websites help in calming the mind. Such a site also needs to have a clean layout. Any visual clutter or unwanted element is not desirable.

  • Smooth navigation

    – The website of a clinic or hospital must have easy navigation. The users should be able to locate required information within a few clicks or taps of a finger. They should not have to fumble through layers of menus and submenus. The buttons should be easy to locate and use. The fact is many such users may be in critical conditions, and they need fast, hassle-free access to clinical services. 

  • Mobile optimized design

    – This is what many businesses deploy in their websites, and for a healthcare service provider, it is a prerequisite. A lot of people seeking medical treatment or appointment with physicians use their mobile devices. So, the websites of healthcare entities have to be mobile optimized. Customers are likely to use different types of devices to access such websites. The websites should not take a long time to load on the devices, regardless of the screen size and OS used. 

  • Well organized content

    – The content in a healthcare service provider site must be well organized. Priority must be given to information that is needed the most by the target users. So, every page must have the contact info clearly visible, along with the emergency helpline number, email, and location details. The provision for a live chat should be there on the site as well. The contact information should be in legible fonts and contrasting colors with the page background. 

  • Simple, fluid tone of content

    – The content used in a healthcare entity site has to be easy to read and possess a fluid tone. It is necessary to understand that different types of people will access the site. Not all of them can be well versed in clinical jargon and terminologies. So, it is better not to use many abbreviations in the site content or typical clinical terms. The content must be informative and easy to understand at the same time. 

  • Images and videos

    –It is necessary to use quality images and videos on medical service websites. For people hailing from non-clinical backgrounds, the clear pictures and video elements convey the messages better than words! Use professionally shot, high-resolution pictures optimized for web usage in such sites. It may also be nice to use slideshows and flowcharts to describe certain medical procedures. You can also use video testimonials or a video tour of the premises, showing the doctors and staff. 

  • Highlight the USPs

    – In the hospital or clinic website, the focus should be on the USP or distinctive facilities the patients get. For example, you can mention if the facility adheres to environmentally friendly practices like solar power usage and rainwater harvesting. Suppose the entity has received an award for offering quality medical service that needs a mention in the site’s ”About Us” section. Similarly, it is necessary to focus on physicians who have received awards and special honors for their achievements—these help in winning the trust of the potential patients. 

  • Online Security protocols

    – A hospital or clinic has to deal with a huge number of patients all over the year. They have to store and use the data of all the patients. Besides, they need to deal with clinical data, payment-related data, etc. Handling such a huge amount of important data needs security coverage. So, a healthcare website should have adequate security protocols in place. There should be differential access levels for the visitors and facility staff. Secure payment provisions have to be in place as well.

  • Clarity on billing-

    This is a vital aspect for developing medical entity sites. The billing section should include the mention of the applicable charges and taxes clearly. If specific types of patients such as senior citizens, army personnel, or those in the medical fraternity are entitled to discounts or subsidized bills that need a clear mention in the billing section of the site. The procedure for applying for insurance coverage is something that needs inclusion under this section. 

  • Easy registration process-

    Before visiting a hospital or clinic, the patients usually have to register themselves online. This process must be as smooth and straightforward as possible. The patients should be able to complete the registration online without having to furnish oodles of personal information. 

  • Grievances and feedbacks section

    – A healthcare entity website must have a section dedicated to handling grievances and feedbacks of the visitors. This helps in getting a response from the viewers, and by incorporating their inputs, user experience enhancement becomes possible. 

Summing it up

While developing websites for medical service providers, the focus should be on the priority and needs of the end-users, that is, target patients. A healthcare website needs precise and important information in place, presented in a simple manner. Ease of usage is important in this regard, as is security.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Opening a restaurant or fast food joint is a good idea for those with a spirit of entrepreneurship. However, investment is not the only thing that a restaurant owner needs to think about. It is also important to deploy effective digital marketing strategies to race ahead of competitors and woo the target customers fast. There is no denying that it is a competitive segment. As a new entrant, you have to deal with some established players; given the fact that a lot of people like ordering food online over dining out, consolidating the online presence of your eatery is a prerequisite. That is why using digital marketing strategies makes sense.

Importance of deploying digital marketing strategies for your eatery

Having an online presence is not enough if you want your restaurant to flourish and increase its customer base. Making the site easily accessible to the customers is what you need to do, without delay. For that, it is necessary to deploy tried and tested digital marketing tactics. It is necessary that you hire a veteran digital marketing agency for that purpose.

The effective digital marketing tactics to help your eatery grow and flourish

  • Monitoring reviews and ratings online

    – Nowadays, millions of people order food online. A lot of them, especially the new users, rely on the online ratings and reviews of eateries. So, you cannot afford to overlook this aspect. If your restaurant is listed in food delivery apps and websites, check out for reviews and ratings on a regular basis. It is necessary that you revert to all reviews, including the negative ones. This makes the customers think that the entity is reliable and professional. Do not forget to thank the customers for posting positive reviews for their patronage, either!

  • Staying active on social media platforms

    – This is a digital marketing strategy that thousands of businesses have used successfully. You can do the same for your restaurant! While Facebook and YouTube are very effective channels for promoting your business and offering deals, you should not overlook other platforms too. There are people who spend several hours every day on these platforms, and the best way to reach out to them is through social media ads and offers. It is also necessary to update your eatery’s social media profiles with fresh content, including images, videos, slides, etc. You may use high res images and short, interesting video posts in this context.

  • Making good use of video

    – The target customers who spend several hours online are more likely to choose dynamic content like video over still images. So, you need to make good use of videos to entice the customers to your restaurant. It is necessary that you develop interesting and informative videos for various platforms. The videos for Facebook will be different than the videos made for Instagram, for example. It is also okay to inject a dash of humor in some videos. You may use videos for informing the customers about upcoming menu and limited period deals. It is also useful if you use video testimonials on the website. Ensure the videos are not too long.

  • Sprucing up the site and app

    – If you already have an app and website for your eatery, giving it a revamp can be quite good. For those ordering food online, the UI of an app and site means a lot. The website and app of an eatery should be neat and uncluttered. It is prudent that you use bright and contrasting colors for the UI. The navigation has to be butter smooth. A customer should not have to spend much time to figure out where he/she can find a preferred dish! It is also necessary to optimize your eatery’s site and app for fast loading and response. Remember that some customers will use older and entry-level devices and computers for placing orders. They will not like it if the experience is sluggish.

  • Keeping option for feedback

    – You may think that your restaurant’s site and app is well optimized and contains everything the customer may need. However, there is always room for improvement. You will never know that unless you keep a provision for the feedback! So, ensure there is a feedback option in the site and app. You can obtain feedback from your customers and take steps to improvise and improve service accordingly. This will be beneficial for both parties.

  • Using relevant and fresh content-

    Google pays importance to sites that contain updated and relevant content. It is necessary that you keep updating the content of your eatery. It is not only about unveiling new offers and discounts. It would be a great idea to keep a food blog section on the site. In the blog section, you can post informative articles related to dishes offered at the restaurant. You can also post engrossing videos on foods. 

  • Using email marketing

    – In an era when instant messaging apps and social media platforms rule the roost, email is still relevant! You can use email marketing to retain loyal users and convert new users into loyal ones. Those who subscribe to your newsletters drop their email. You can build a list of such emails and use it to do email marketing. It would be a good idea to offer personalized discounts to loyal users through email. This is something you can do on their birthdays, for example. You can use subtle marketing strategies while using email. For example, you can offer such users good discounts on personal events and encourage them to share their experiences on Facebook.

  • Deploying local SEO

    – SEO is the key to survival for any business these days. However, restaurants typically operate locally. You will need the deployment of carefully developed local SEO measures. So, it is important that you hire a suitable agency to deploy local SEO on your website. Using relevant keywords and targeted online advertising are recommended in this regard. 

  • Tying up with local businesses

    – You may think of tying up with local businesses to bolsters your restaurant’s prospects- using the web. Based on the location, you may tie-up with a couple of hotels and offer online combination deals for the visitors-through the app and site. You may also think of approaching the regional corporate entities and offering deals on business lunch or dine-out party packages. 

  • Using influencer marketing

    – Thousands of brands, including the MNCs, are resorting to influencer marketing these days. You can try this for your restaurant as well. These influencers can include celebrities, actors, models, sportspersons, technology gurus, and more. If you find any such influencer in your region, invite him/her for a free treat and, based on experience, ask for a review. This review, when published online, will act as a magnet to draw the fans to your eatery. 

Wrapping up

You can use these digital marketing strategies to boost the prospect of your eatery. However, it is also necessary to maintain a balance while you deploy the strategies. It is an on-going process, and you have to focus on catering to the needs of the target customers.

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How SEO Will Unfold in 2021?

Let’s be honest: we are all looking forward to a better, being-able-to-move-out-of-the-house-freely, and safer 2021. With almost the entire 2020 under COVID-19 blanket, we have seen Internet trends becoming viral and businesses thriving online. 

The markets are changing – from internal to the Internet and from selling to SEO selling. And since SEO is primarily the key to the locked up progress of the businesses around the Internet, it is rather essential to understand how SEO will unfold in 2021. Read on to learn more about this:


  • Stage light focuses on UX, please. 


A delightful web experience is the greatest success online. UX or user experience is all about People. The better, faster, and smoother experience they get from browsing through your website or social media page, the more likely they are to return to it and probably make a purchase. Therefore, it is important to let UX take lead and let other elements perform in sync with it. 

Better accessibility, faster page loading speed, easy-to-find navigation, good user interface accountability, mobile-friendly operations, no annoying pop-ups, etc. are some of the major components a marketer should focus on while designing a good UX. This would not only result in better customer experience and retention but also help your page rank higher. 


  • Semantic Search 


Let’s break down the two. Semantic essentially refers to being related to “meaning in language or logic.” It is the study of words and their relationships and the contextual form of words. 

Search is one of the essential elements of SEO because without typing in what you are looking for, you are likely to get lost in a never-ending database of information. 

Thus, semantic search is the new focus that a marketer must place his/her attention on. This element helps to serve the most relevant content to users and helps the page perform better. This is how engines bring together the most pertinent information on the search engine result page (SERP).


  • Search Intent > Keywords 


The Google algorithm can now interpret conversations and their intent. Say, for example, it can predict the entire meaning of a sentence to purchase a product or a nearby location or a particular function in Google Drive. This has become more important in coming times because with the advanced technology; Google search engine is facilitated with voice commands and assistants like Alexa. People freely talk to these AI platforms will provide a seamless touch-free User Experience that will generate a more excellent value than resorting to searching intents via keywords.

What can a marketer do to align with these goals?

  • Writing content that pleases and aids your target customers 
  • Providing your customers with a developed set of FAQs around the topics they are most likely to need help in.
  • Consider the major intents and work accordingly 
  • Heavy research on the type of intent your customers are likely to showcase.

  • Customer Analytics and Retention 


Analytics is the new king in the kingdom of data. In a world where numerous data is crunched every second, analyzing this data to your optimum resort will become the most significant asset a marketer can possess. 2021 is all about behavioral analysis – understanding what the customer is doing, what the customer prefers, what the customer likes seeing often, what engages a customer, what does/doesn’t lead to a purchase, etc. Applying this knowledge into your business will help gain an upper edge by providing your customer precisely what they’re looking for and helping them wherever they get stuck.


  • Focus: Building a Brand and Optimising Graphics 


Your brand’s primary goal is to communicate to your target audience. 2021 is all about doing that in the right way – to let your audience know what your brand is about, what products or services you cater to, what are the offers in the store, etc. 

One of the most critical factors that go a long way is Graphics. How attractive or deceptive your brand looks is determined by how well designed and thought out your graphics are. Optimizing your graphics knowledge and skills will help you stay ahead of your competitors and give you an edge in attracting your target audience. 

2021 is not just about your website. It is also about tiny yet important elements like graphics in your website and social media handles that will prove to make a massive difference in the long run. 


  • Automation 


AI, Automation, Big Data, and Robotics are a few terms we only heard and fancied before a few years ago. But as times are moving relatively fast, these terms are predicted to more or less determine how the internet will function and evolve. Alexa and Siri have pretty much ruled our hearts and homes, and thanks to more Automation, companies and businesses are also expected to adopt similar functions. Voice assistants and voice search functions, Speak to Type functions, etc., are more and more active as people become more familiar with automation. 


  • Quality Content Rules 


Let’s rewind a few years back when #hashtags came into play. It was new, short, exciting, and that made it go viral. Quality content rules and will continue to rule in 2021. SEO is all about understanding what is most relevant to be showcased when a user searched for something. This relevance is most optimized via channelling quality content to reach out to maximum customers. 


  • Videos, Videos, and More Videos 


Instagram feed was taken over by its IGTV (Instagram Tv) feature. After that gained immense popularity, a new feature is into a play called Reels, 30 second short videos that are viral all across the platform – from celebrities to stand up comedians, from artists to dancers, from news reporters to sports players. The new year is expected to be more about the short videos’ virality rather than the traditional mediums of posts or blogs. People are now transforming their interests from reading to watching, and thus, videos will continue to flood SERP. Therefore, marketers can prefer to market/ promote their businesses via videos as it would work better along with both Google algorithm as well as SEO. 

These were the top 8 SEO trends that every marketer must note and know to stay in the game.

How SEO and Content Marketing Combination Works

Having a solid online presence is a prerequisite for success in a competitive business environment these days, a website needs the deployment of effective SEO techniques to be easily accessible to web users and poetical customers. However, that is not enough to entice the target buyers. The business will also need the aid of content marketing. A web site needs deployment of both these services, and they complement each other.

The basics of SEO and content marketing

In a nutshell, SEO denotes the technical procedures through which website traffic surges upwards, and site visibility gets a boost. Content marketing refers to using relevant and updated content on a website to eventually enhance visitor conversion and sales. The digital marketing entities use both these services in sync to achieve the desired results. If SEO is the body, content marketing is like the soul. One without the other remains incomplete! 

SEO tactics that matter

SEO is an ever-evolving set of methodologies used for enhancing site visibility and search engine ranking. To ensure SEO strategies work well and bring expected results, the digital marketing agencies adhere to some vital parameters and guidelines. These are:

  • It is important to stay updated with Google’s best practices. The SEO experts that adhere to Google’s recommended SEO practices get the best results. Deviating from Google guidelines for SEO can invite penalty and site ranking may go downwards.
  • It is also important to do keyword research with due diligence. The tools like Google Keyword Planner come in handy in this regard, and there are other similar tools. That way, you get to know the relevance of the chosen keywords. 
  • The digital marketing agencies offering SEO services also consider factors like the niche of the Client Company, competitor site SEO tactics, and related aspects when developing an SEO strategy.

Content Marketing tactics that work

In the realm of SEO, content marketing is not limited to static text content. The basic concept of content marketing is following the customer’s buying journey pattern and producing content accordingly. This content will motivate the site visitors to buy products or services. The fact is content creation is meant more for the target customers than the search engine bots. The created content has a target audience, and it inspires them to take action- leading to purchase.

While the importance of using proper keyword is there, content marketing puts more focus on mapping content to fit the purchase cycle of the customers. It offers the potential customers relevant information at each stage to proceed to an outcome. 

The stages are:

  1. Awareness– The customers become aware of your brand’s products and services.
  2. Consideration– Next, the customer thinks of making a purchase at the site.
  3. Conversion– The potential customer gets enough information, and that persuades him to buy.
  4. Loyalty– At this stage, the customer makes repeat purchases at the site.
  5. Advocacy- When the customer is really happy with the products, he/she does indirect advertising.

So, how SEO and content marketing sync?

SEO and content marketing are two co-dependent services, and the digital marketing entities utilize the combination to their advantage. 

You may use various SEO tactics to make the website accessible to the target viewers. This serves the purpose of getting closer to potential customers. The sites get a higher ranking, making them easy to reach for the target buyers. It is quite technical in nature and involves various practices. 

In content marketing, the focus is on generating relevant and updated content targeting niche buyers for fulfilling their needs in the buying journey. It enlightens the customers about the brand and its products and inspires them to make the buying decision. 

So, are they separate or inherently linked?

Apparently, it looks like SEO is just about using apt keywords in a strategic manner to enhance site ranking. However, you also need to think about where you can use these keywords! It is in site content that the keywords are used. The content is full of useful, fresh information containing carefully chosen optimized keywords. Without apt and optimized content, deployment of link building, a key part of any SEO campaign, will not be possible. So, in finer analysis content marketing and SEO are intrinsically linked, and they are meant to be used in sync.

Interlinking: That’s how you get Google to love your website

Have you ever heard of a business that doesn’t have a website? It’s like the company doesn’t exist, right? 


Well, it’s true! Most people (like us) head straight to a website or social media accounts to learn more about a business or a brand. What would be worse for anyone, in this case, is having a poorly designed and performing website.


Suppose your website is your family and every other webpage on it, is an individual family member. How will you keep them connected to make the family strong? Hopefully, your answer will include something related to developing strong relationships in the family. Right! 


For a website, it would be referred to as ‘Interlinking’


Great content and attractive inbound links are significant elements of an SEO strategy. Part of this strategy includes internal linking and learning how other web pages of your website can contribute value to your new page.


However, the right way to increase the love potential of your business site is to design and optimise it in a way that you, as a customer, may want it. For a customer to love your website, it must be designed very well, must be clear with its messaging, should be easy to navigate, and filled with some engaging CTAs.


Experts say that love is nothing but a chemical imbalance in the brain. And we can say the same for marketing. It leverages all the possible tricks in the book of human psychology to ultimately get visitors to buy a service or product.



  • Maintaining an Interactive UI/UX


Your website must become the ‘love at first site’ for any visitor.


When someone visits your website for the first time, it’s the moment where the real magic happens. And only a great design has the power to achieve it. You must ensure your website is dressed to impress. 


We are not asking you to become a hipster, but you must show your customers that you’re competent enough to keep up with all the modern web design trends.


Try to remain true to your personal style and brand idea. 


Note: More than 76% of people rate the credibility of a business based on their website design. 



  • Post Valuable Content 


Is there anything better than speaking to your customers or clients in their language? 


Conduct extensive research on how and what your target audience speaks and writes; you can check their social media accounts, the daily press in your targeted area, or even get a sneaky look at your competitors’ websites. 


It’s essential to keep the communication and messaging on your website ‘clear and concise’. Make sure your website embraces the right messaging to deliver the best possible brand positioning. 


Renovating your website in a CMS can be a great move. It will also empower your marketing line-up. 



  • Making it Responsive


Making sure your site dazzles every device it’s been accessed on is crucial.


Frankly, it isn’t very pleasant to experience a website taking too long to load. Your audience will not tolerate it, nor will you. Therefore, it’s quite essential to come up with responsive website design, that’s suitable for both mobile and desktop. As per a Business Insiders report, more than 21% of searches carried on Google are done on a mobile device.


Clearly, your website’s accessibility across various devices matters a great deal.


Such user experiences are capable of making or breaking a business, and if you don’t want to lose out your share, make sure you promise your audience a responsive and optimised website this year.


Your website is the heart of your business. It pumps all the necessary details and information strategically to your visitors. It presents your prospects with everything they need to not only fall in love with your website but also with your brand and its products/services. 


To deliver the best possible result, you must ensure to interlink your website and connect all the relevant webpages with others. 


So, what are you waiting for! Interlink the webpages on your website to make it more robust and lovable.


Fall in love with your website first and let others fall for it later. 


7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Do you own a beauty salon and want to reach out to the right set of customers with minimal investment?

Do you have a clothing store and want to showcase the latest range to your target customers?

Do you have a departmental store which also home-delivers goods but not a lot of calls come in?

Are you a wholesale electronics dealer trying to reach out to the right set of clients? 

If you one such local business that aims to reach out to the right people who need your services or products, then digital marketing is the best bet for you. In the last decade, we have seen umpteen brands which have grown online. May it be a new business or an already existing one, a wise online strategy is the need of the hour. Here is how digital marketing can positively impact your business and is advantageous in the long run :

  • Provides High Reach and Right Targeting 

More than 63000 searches are done per second on Google. Facebook and Instagram have 1.6 billion and 600 million daily active users respectively.

Imagine the number of potential customers who are currently online. They are looking out, exactly what you provide, on their mobile phones. Digital, therefore, is the best medium to reach out to the right audience who can be targeted via the right SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques or Google AdWords.

  • Gives High Return on Low Investment

Have you spent a lot of bucks to get flyers printed and distributed, to market your business on the billboard or to buy a spot on the radio, but did not gain as much return?

Techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email marketing are the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic, acquire online leads and maximize conversions followed by Google / SMM where you can invest as per desired results. 

  • Facilitates Real-Time Optimisation

When an ad goes on a billboard, it stays for the time you have signed up for without you having any control to make changes as per your wish. 

But with digital marketing, you can keep a real-time track of how your campaigns are performing. Let’s say you write the same message on a creative with different backgrounds, run those online for 7 days and test which is doing better (AB Testing). Within the first few days, you will get to know them better performing creative and optimize it for the remaining campaign duration. 

  • Offers Measurability

Digital Marketing lets you measure your spending and plan upcoming budgets accordingly. May it be Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other online campaign; every online medium gives you a detailed report where you can see how did your marketing effort at a certain budget performs. This makes it way more credible than any other traditional marketing techniques.

  • Makes You Instantly Discoverable

Let’s say you have a cafe in a particular area and you want people to find you easily. You can get yourself listed on Google Maps which will let them locate you and find the easiest possible route to your cafe. 

Not just that platforms like Google, Facebook, and others also let users call (via call extension) or message (via message extensions for mobile devices) you for inquiry.

  • Let’s You Retarget Customers

If a user has engaged with you once, digital marketing enables you to retarget the interested customers again. It helps you understand the user’s consumption pattern and makes your local business that knows what it’s buyer needs.

  • Enables Positive WOM Marketing

Along with all the above, it is very important that your users are saying the right things about you. Digital marketing is a medium where a user interacts with you only when they see value in your offering and therefore any such customer is most likely to spread positive Word-of-Mouth given you offering has genuinely added value to the user’s life


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So Why Are We More Scared Than Ever?

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