7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

January 14, 2020

7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Do you own a beauty salon and want to reach out to the right set of customers with minimal investment?

Do you have a clothing store and want to showcase the latest range to your target customers?

Do you have a departmental store which also home-delivers goods but not a lot of calls come in?

Are you a wholesale electronics dealer trying to reach out to the right set of clients? 

If you one such local business that aims to reach out to the right people who need your services or products, then digital marketing is the best bet for you. In the last decade, we have seen umpteen brands which have grown online. May it be a new business or an already existing one, a wise online strategy is the need of the hour. Here is how digital marketing can positively impact your business and is advantageous in the long run :

  • Provides High Reach and Right Targeting 

More than 63000 searches are done per second on Google. Facebook and Instagram have 1.6 billion and 600 million daily active users respectively.

Imagine the number of potential customers who are currently online. They are looking out, exactly what you provide, on their mobile phones. Digital, therefore, is the best medium to reach out to the right audience who can be targeted via the right SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques or Google AdWords.

  • Gives High Return on Low Investment

Have you spent a lot of bucks to get flyers printed and distributed, to market your business on the billboard or to buy a spot on the radio, but did not gain as much return?

Techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email marketing are the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic, acquire online leads and maximize conversions followed by Google / SMM where you can invest as per desired results. 

  • Facilitates Real-Time Optimisation

When an ad goes on a billboard, it stays for the time you have signed up for without you having any control to make changes as per your wish. 

But with digital marketing, you can keep a real-time track of how your campaigns are performing. Let’s say you write the same message on a creative with different backgrounds, run those online for 7 days and test which is doing better (AB Testing). Within the first few days, you will get to know them better performing creative and optimize it for the remaining campaign duration. 

  • Offers Measurability

Digital Marketing lets you measure your spending and plan upcoming budgets accordingly. May it be Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other online campaign; every online medium gives you a detailed report where you can see how did your marketing effort at a certain budget performs. This makes it way more credible than any other traditional marketing techniques.

  • Makes You Instantly Discoverable

Let’s say you have a cafe in a particular area and you want people to find you easily. You can get yourself listed on Google Maps which will let them locate you and find the easiest possible route to your cafe. 

Not just that platforms like Google, Facebook, and others also let users call (via call extension) or message (via message extensions for mobile devices) you for inquiry.

  • Let’s You Retarget Customers

If a user has engaged with you once, digital marketing enables you to retarget the interested customers again. It helps you understand the user’s consumption pattern and makes your local business that knows what it’s buyer needs.

  • Enables Positive WOM Marketing

Along with all the above, it is very important that your users are saying the right things about you. Digital marketing is a medium where a user interacts with you only when they see value in your offering and therefore any such customer is most likely to spread positive Word-of-Mouth given you offering has genuinely added value to the user’s life


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